Famous Guru in India and in the West

Гуру Йоги МитхлешнатхGuru Yogi Mithileshnath Maharaj

Yogi Mithileshnath ji (Dharmanath-panthi) is the honoured Sadhu of Gorakhpur, a student of Yogi Kamalnath (Main pujari of Gorakhpur-Mandir) and of Yogi Dasharathnath. In 2011, on the advice of Yogi Adityanath he was assigned as the head of a large Nath temple in the Devipatan for indefinite term.

With the blessing and support of Yogi Mithileshnath ji, his main disciple - Guruji Matsyendranath - disseminates Natha teachings in Russia and other Western countries.

prmpr05vilasnath.pngShri Yogi Vilasnath Maharaj

Yogi Vilasnath ji (Aai-panth) is the main successor of Shri Anandanath Maharaj and the pujari of Haridwar Mandir. Widely known in the Tradition owing to his extensive knowledge, his books and paintings. Yogi Vilasnath had been next to his Guru for over 20 years and with his blessings written many important books on nath’s practices, particularly the well-known of them - Shri Nath Rahasya - nearly every Nath-yogi has it. Hi is the author of Shri Goraksha Chalisa, Shri Natha Siddha Kawacha.

Supporting and extending the tradition of Natha, in 2011, Yogi Vilasnath visited Russia and Europe, where he held a number of satsangs and gave his advice and blessings on the development of schools of Yogi Matsyendranath in the CIS and the West.

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