Famous Guru in India and in the West

Гуру Йоги МитхлешнатхGuru Yogi Mithileshnath Maharaj

Yogi Mithileshnath ji (Dharmanath-panthi) is the honoured Sadhu of Gorakhpur, a student of Yogi Kamalnath (Main pujari of Gorakhpur-Mandir) and of Yogi Dasharathnath. In 2011, on the advice of Yogi Adityanath he was assigned as the head of a large Nath temple in the Devipatan for indefinite term.

With the blessing and support of Yogi Mithileshnath ji, his main disciple - Guruji Matsyendranath - disseminates Natha teachings in Russia and other Western countries.

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