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The worship of the Goddess Tripura Sundari ("Adesh", summer 2014) The worship of the Goddess Tripura Sundari ("Adesh", summer 2014)

Nowadays one of the most large-scaled current venerating the Mother Goddess in India is the cult of the Goddess Tripurasundari.

The name «Lalita Tipurasunadari» is translated as «one who has the nature of a play» (leela or vilasa), also «splendid in the three worlds». She liberates from these 3 worlds or bestow jivanmukti in them. Ususally she has the forms of Bala of 8 years old, Panchadashi of 15 years old, then of the age 16 and 28 years. There are some definite mantras for every age with the corresponding amount of bijas.

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Tags: :  tipurasunadari interview tantra shrividya
Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

Vamachara ("Adesh", summer 2014) Vamachara ("Adesh", summer 2014)

In Hinduism vāmāchāra is considered to be a closed form of worship. It is closed for many reasons, three of them, the most significant, are listed below.

Vāmāchāra uses “impure” (as considered by the orthodox Hindu religion) elements as offerings to deities. A closed system of practice, that is closed, should not be transmitted to those individuals whom Guru considers as morally unscrupulous, able to use these practices to harm themselves and others. Vāma-Mārga practices should not be disclosed to those individuals who have no proper dikshā and blessings from their Guru, it is a secret associated with dikshâ.

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Tags: :  interview tantra vamachara
Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

About human body About human body

In the Nath Tradition body is denoted by the term of Pinda, meaning "collection, total amount" in Sanskrit. According to Nathas, Pinda reflects the universe in itself ‒ all existing worlds (lokas), Deities, sacred places and even hells. Thus, cognizing this micro-universe in own body, Nath comes to the comprehension of the whole creation.

The body of human being consists of Gross body (Sthula sharira), Subtle body (Sukshma sharira) and Causal body (Karana sharira).

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Tags: :  basics
Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

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