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Hatha yoga is inseparably linked to Raja yoga. This connection is explained as based on the nature of the perfect, nondual state, attained by the Yogi in samadhi. It means the nature of Perfection originally involves the unity of these two yogas. Accordingly, irrespective of our perception of asana, it primarily contains "the stable light state in which the mind remains in its authentic form". I believe it is what one should strive for.

For this reason, in the beginning, it is necessary to learn to aware one's own condition while performing simple asanas, achieving the inner balance and steady breathing. As Shiva (superconsciousness) and Shakti (creative energy) are ever in Oneness, this unity is manifested in the interrelation of prana and consciousness. Therefore, it is important to develop in asana equal sensations without expressed discomfort as well as the steady state of mind. As prana is related to breathing, the awareness of balanced breathing allows to achieve the steady awareness in asana and equal state of prana in the body, which are essentially the same.

Attaining a certain depth of perception of one’s own body and consciousness, it is possible gradually pass to the practice of more difficult asanas, keeping the balance of the body, breathing and mind, achieved in previous simple postures.

Japa practice, in particular of the mantra of Shiva Gorakshanath, forms the state of detachment and tranquility, allowing to practice asanas in the most optimal way while remembering this state during the process. It once again points to the interrelation of the body, prana and mind, Hatha and Raja yogas. Thus complex things begin with apparently simple actions but this is the secret of the successful practice...

Tags:  yoga asana
Author: Yogi Allamanath

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