Asana as the place for sitting Asana as the place for sitting

These asanas [as seats] play a fundamental role in any yogic practice, both in Hatha Yoga and in mantra practice. Asanas are required in pranayama because they eliminate the destructive effect of gravity on prana. Energy and consciousness are interrelated, during the practice of pranayama, till a certain stage, changes occur in the consciousness of practitioner. The mind becomes calmer, however, even with some certain changes nadi are not always completely purified, therefore, the gravitational field of the Earth affects such "drawbacks".

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Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

Asana Asana

Hatha yoga is inseparably linked to Raja yoga. This connection is explained as based on the nature of the perfect, nondual state, attained by the Yogi in samadhi. It means the nature of Perfection originally involves the unity of these two yogas.

Accordingly, irrespective of our perception of asana, it primarily contains "the stable light state in which the mind remains in its authentic form". I believe it is what one should strive for.

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Author: Yogi Allamanath