Master – disciple relations Master – disciple relations

I permit to myself some personal thoughts on the most important, in my opinion, relations, without which any spiritual practice is impossible. There is one general opinion – if you have Guru, you have nothing to worry about. But that is true only in case disciple is devoted to his Guru to such extent that he is absolutely convinced he will reach the desired aim with the help of Guru.

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Author: Lakshminath

Asana as the place for sitting Asana as the place for sitting

These asanas [as seats] play a fundamental role in any yogic practice, both in Hatha Yoga and in mantra practice. Asanas are required in pranayama because they eliminate the destructive effect of gravity on prana. Energy and consciousness are interrelated, during the practice of pranayama, till a certain stage, changes occur in the consciousness of practitioner. The mind becomes calmer, however, even with some certain changes nadi are not always completely purified, therefore, the gravitational field of the Earth affects such "drawbacks".

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Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

About human body About human body

In the Nath Tradition body is denoted by the term of Pinda, meaning "collection, total amount" in Sanskrit. According to Nathas, Pinda reflects the universe in itself ‒ all existing worlds (lokas), Deities, sacred places and even hells. Thus, cognizing this micro-universe in own body, Nath comes to the comprehension of the whole creation.

The body of human being consists of Gross body (Sthula sharira), Subtle body (Sukshma sharira) and Causal body (Karana sharira).

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Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj