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Zeal (utsaha) is certainty, intelligence, knowledge of reality, knowledge of the meaning, the rejection of the idle talk – these six steps lead to the improvement of yoga.

Diligence is an effort to improve the quality of your apprenticeship, but at the same time, diligence and focusing on the practice, does not mean the pursuing the experience and knowledge. Diligence is a very quiet and continuous effort in all actions related to the sadhana. You need the quiet force to avoid rollback in practice. The experience shows that people who do systematic efforts according to their abilities show the best results, those people who always use the «golden middle solution». You can meet people who speak very emotional about that you need to practice, you need to be committed to the Guru and to the dharma. Such people are usually the first who thrown sadhana and Guru when they face the most basic problems in their path. You do not need to follow the example of these people, but, on the contrary you should do a little effort in the practice that Guru gave you, you need to practice systematically and consciously. In Natha Sampradaya there is no such thing as a higher or lower upaya, the aim of practice is the spiritual transformation. It is important to follow upadesa obtained from Guru and strive to fulfill all the advice that you have received from Guru. Then the diligence will give you the positive results in the sadhana.

Certainty does not mean hardness. Certainty is a complete following all elements of the sadhana. Certainty is your intention. This can be explained by the example: when you go on the train moving in a given direction, you can do the different movements on this train, but you can’t jump from it. You can go to the station, but not for long, because the train could leave. The most important thing is not to leave the train because you can be late. For example, you might be late for the plane located in the city, in which the train arrives. It will be difficult to correct this mistake, you will pay a heavy price.

Knowledge of the meaning is the correct perception of the teaching, it’s promoted by shravana, smarana, nididhyasana. Without a Guru, you can understand the wrong meaning and "take the wrong train," which will bring in a wrong place. Intelligence is a practice which based on authoritative sources. Knowledge of reality is the correct experience in sadhana approved by Guru.

The rejection of the idle talk – the idle talk comes from excessive sympathy for the ordinary people who really do not care about things you try to achieve. You can say many things about the world, sadhana and how they are all closely related. My guru told me that none of the books can explain what Guru can give you, and what Guru can give you, can be empty without your own sadhana. Guru and sadhana, theory and practice, should always be together in your life. It can be a great variety of Yam and Niyam. How many obstacles on your way, so many Yam, where you need to abandon something. A wise man will not wait until obstacles catch him on the hop and he will have to abandon something. It is better to abandon everything at once. There are as many existing needs in the spiritual life, as many Niyams. Refusal of the benefits makes hands free which then will be able to take something else. There is one law which strong people are not afraid to admit – "the more you can refuse, the more you can take”. A real yogi chooses the best, because the best includes everything.

Tags:  sadhana
Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

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