Nabha — Naga-vayu


"The heaven seal"; the position of the tongue on the upper palate, recommended for breathing exercises and concentration.

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area of localization of the nabhi-chakra (manipura)

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sound, tone, vibration, flow

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the contemplative practice of focusing on the inner sound  → Подробнее...
energy channels of the subtle body  → Подробнее...
Nadi-janeu Nadi-janeu

“sacred thread” 

Nadi-janeu is handed over to a disciple during choti-diksha. Nadi-janeu is the wool black thread woven by special technology, it is connected to the three doshas of body, with six chakras. By receiving it, the disciple significantly changes his psychophysical structure. On this thread hangs ring, crystal, rudraksha, coral, and whistle. Ring or «pavitra» symbolizes the sun – source of prana and all the elements, pavitra is connected with the element of the earth, crystal or «sphatik» is the element of water, rudraksha – the element of fire, coral is the element of air, and whistle is the element of akasha and sound (nāda). All of them together are symbols of the five elements.

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form of Guru-puja for aughar and darshani.
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Literally translated as "purification of nadis", channels of the subtle body. Alternative name – nadi-shuddhi (nāḍī-śuddhi).

Usually, nadi-shodhana means a certain pranayama – alternate breathing with a breath hold after inhalation and sometimes after exhalation. In yoga and tantra, it’s the most common way to clear canals.

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Naga-vayu is one of the secondary pranas (vayu), responsible for burping, vomiting and hiccupping (“Goraksha-paddhati”, 33), as well as for the balanced movement of the whole body.

According to “Gheranda-samhita” (5.63) the naga-vayu is active during awakening of consciousness. 

Of the main life currents naga-vayu is associated with prana.

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