Shunya — Svara

one of 5 panchakas described in the philosophy of Gorakshanath  → Подробнее...

The one who achieved spiritual perfection, possessor of mystical abilities (siddhis).

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Siddha-siddhanta Paddhati Siddha-siddhanta Paddhati

It is a philosophic treatise which contains a description of metaphysical ideas and the way of thinking of Natha-sampradaya and also the highest ideal of yogis in this tradition. The majority of nathas and scientists consider guru Gorakshanath to be the author of the text, however, there is an opinion that it was written by Yogi Nityanath (well-known yogi-alchemist). Some respected yogis think that Nityanath is the name of Gorakshanath.

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  • Name of the one of spouses of Ganesha 
  • Perfection achievement, strength 
  • Supernatural abilities obtained through yogi sadhanas, tapas or naturally as a result of achievement of spiritual maturity. There are 8 classic siddhis (ashta-siddhis)
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Supari Supari
It is a name of betel nut.  → Подробнее...
enhanced experience of the tattva-akasha  → Подробнее...
energy channel located along the spine from muladhara to sahasrara  → Подробнее...

chakra located at the bottom of the abdomen is also called jala-mandala ("jala" - water, as it is associated with the element of water)

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svar or suvar

  • the third of great utterances maha-vyāhṛti; 
  • the celestial or heavenly world, also called svarloka,svarveśyā, svarbhānuḥ, svarga; 
  • the space between the sun and the north star, dhruva, the region of planets and constellations;
  • Sun, light, radiance;
  • the divine, unmanifested, transcendent level of being;
  • (cosmic) waters.
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in yoga often understood as vibration of the prana in the physical body  → Подробнее...