आधार, ādhāra

"pillar", "foundation"

The name of the muladhara-chakra (adhara-chakra) in the texts of the Naths.

Sometimes the term "adhara" denotes Shakti, which "supports" Shiva.

Special points in the energy body of a person, for example, in space above the head or in front of them, they are called sukshma-adharas (subtle, intangible) and are described in tantric texts as various dvadashantas and shodashantas. They are mainly related to the transformation of consciousness, raja yoga.

Special points on the human body, which are considered by Naths as areas of transformation of prana and support for attention. They are also called sthula-adharas (gross). It is considered that there are sixteen of sthula-adharas, they are described in detail in the text of Gorakshanath "Siddha-siddhanta_paddhati." Practice with adharas helps to obtain a more subtle state of prana, that can lead to the emergence of a qualitative pratyahara, as well as the awakening of sushumna and Kundalini-shakti. However, such a practice is able to give a result only if the life energy of the sadhaka has reached a certain quality and is capable of transformation. Bandhas and mudras are directly related to adharas, and can be effective precisely through their use.

List 16 adharas and their location:

  1. Padangushta-adhara — the toes.
  2. Muladhara — the perineum, the muladhara-chakra.
  3. Gudadhara — the anus.
  4. Medhradhara — the base of genital, svadhishthana-chakra
  5. Uddiyana-adhara — the kanda, lower abdomen.
  6. Nabhi-adhara — the navel area, manipura-chakra.
  7. Hridaya-adhara — the area of the heart, anahata-chakra.
  8. Kantha-adhara — the area of ​​the neck, vishuddha-chakra.
  9. Ghantika-adhara — uvula.
  10. Talu-adhara — soft palate, talu-chakra.
  11. Jihva-adhara — tongue.
  12. Bhrumadhya-adhara — the are between eyebrows, ajna-chakra.
  13. Nasa-adhara — the tip of the nose.
  14. Kapata-adhara — the base of the nose.
  15. Lalata-adhara — the center of the forehead.
  16. Brahmarandhra-adharabrahmarandhra, akasha-chakra.

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