अगोचरीमुद्रा, agocarīmudrā

Yogic mudra, associated with the organ of perception – ears, and accordingly with the element of the ether, with sound. In fact, it is the practice of working with nada, revealing the sound of anahata-nada and immersion into it.

The word "gochara" (गोचर) is translated as "perceived by the senses", and "agochari", therefore, means something that can`t be perceived by the senses. The sound (and the element of akasha) is the most subtlest that we can perceive by means of jnanendriya, and it can lead us to anahata-nada, a vibration that is beyond the perception of the senses, which is transcendental and is an expression of the Shabda-brahman.

The group of yogic mudras connected with the organs of perception includes also bhuchari, khechari, chachari and unmani.

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