अनाहत-नाद, anāhata-nāda or अनाहत-शब्द, anāhata-śabda

Anahata-nada (anahata-shabda) is a non-percussive sound heard in the anahata-chakra.

Anahata sounds are associated with prana (life), with energy, merging with consciousness, it dissolves the mind, as well as energy blocks in the body. It is no coincidence that the texts say that a person gets rid of diseases and begins to hear nada at the same time.

Siddha-siddhanta_paddhati” (part 2) describes this sound as follows:

“The word ‘anahata’ indicates a sound that occurs without any external cause, ‘anahata’ is that which is manifested without contact of two objects, not in the way that all sounds usually appear. In the reality of anahata, everything is present initially, that is, in it the subject (ahaṃ) is identical with the object (saḥ – the Absolute), this union is also called ‘hamsa’.

When the swan (hamsa) is immersed in the inner sound, then the fourth state is acquired, associated with spiritual awakening (turiya), and the yogi hears ten inner sounds of different purity, approaching absorption in sound (anahata-nada). Then the yogi becomes a siddha.”

It is believed that God Shiva Adinatha transmitted many thousands of laya-yoga practices, the main one is nadanusandhana, which includes methods of concentrating on the sound (nada) heard in the anahata-chakra.

“Hatha-yoga pradipika” describes the absorption of mind with nada:

“4.67. Closing his ears, eyes, nose and mouth, he will hear the sound in sushumna and in anahata-chakra.

4.91. When thought, devoid of its unstable nature, is bound by the fetters of nada, then the highest concentration is achieved, and thought becomes like a bird devoid of wings.”