Bagala, Bagalamukhi is a Tantric Goddess who helps to paralyze the enemy and destroy all magical influences. Its paralyzing power can have an inner meaning, which is enclosed in the yoga process of prana-nirodha (stop, control of prana in one's own body).

The goddess Bagalamukhi personifies the hypnotic power of influence on all processes taking place in the Cosmos and among living beings. The word "bagala" literally means "rope, whip or bridle", and "mukhi" means a "face". Bagalamukhi is one of the personifications that commands and wins. Her favorite color is yellow, the color of the sun means bright and pure energy of Knowledge, and therefore those who worship Bagala must wear yellow clothes. With her left hand, the Goddess keeps the tongue of the chatterbox as a symbol of selfishness, and the right - shakes the mace. This means that the Goddess suppresses slander and empty talk, which are heavy stumbling blocks on the path to self-realization, drawing the wrath of the Goddess, who sends severe trials. The hypnotic quality of Bagala is manifested in the Divine Word, which drowns out selfish impulses in man and force one to silences. Bagalamukhi endows man with powerful logic, the art of incontrovertible proof and convincing affirmation. Therefore, the Goddess is able to inspire those who are involved in discussions and debates.

The worship of Bagala develops stambhana, which can be used both on the outer and inner levels. For external purposes, it is used when it is necessary to puzzle the advancing enemy, to shock him, to put him in a state of shock, to stop his actions; for internal purposes, stambhana is used when it is necessary to curb own thoughts and emotions.