भ्रूमध्य, bhrūmadhya

"between the eyebrows"

Bhrumadhya (also: bhrumadhya-chakra, bhrumadhyadhara) — in yogic texts defines a psychoenergetic center located between eyebrows. One of the sixteen adharas. Projection of ajnya-chakra. There are many techniques associated with this bhrumadhya, such as meditation on the cool radiance of the moon in it. The concentration on this area stabilizes attention and soothes all kinds of disturbances in the body and mind.

The twelfth (bhrumadhyadhara) adhara is between the eyebrows. There ,one  should meditate on the circle of the moon - [then sadhaka] feels [pleasant] coolness.

Siddha-siddhanta paddhati. Part 2. Shloka 21.