भूचरीमुद्रा, bhūcarīmudrā

Yogic mudra, associated with the organ of perception – the nose, and accordingly with the earth element. While performing, some teachers advise to fix attention on tip of the nose and join prana and apana there. In addition, the practice of external (lower) dvadashanta can lead to this mudra.

In "Shiva-samhita" it is mentioned that perfection in bhuchari can be obtained by meditating on Bana-lingam, that is located in anahata-chakra.

Bhuchari translates as "movement on earth" and means a certain shakti associated with this; also, this shakti (yogini) controls this jnanendriya. Successful in bhuchari mudra, sadhaks gain incredible speed of movement on the ground and control over their sense of smell.

The group of yogic mudras associated with the organs of perception also includes agochary, khechari, chachari and unmani.

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