ब्रह्मचर्य, brahmacarya

brahma – "Spirit, Absolute"; carya – "behavior, lifestyle, piety"

  • One of the parts that constitute yama (a stage in Yoga), chastity.
  • The initial ashram in one's life who has entered the path of apprenticeship.
  • Literally means following God in all of one’s actions.

Celibacy for monks and fidelity in marriage for laymen. Violation of these rules may be only due to the peculiarities of some tantric sadhanas. Naturally, this is not a reason to adjust the ideological base of tantra to secular desires. A monk accepts a non-marital life so that prescriptions of grihasthas don’t restrict sadhana. Theoretically, of course, it is feasible to combine life of grihastha with serious sadhana, but in most cases it is very difficult. Therefore, some sadhakas choose non-family life, where there is no need to burden themselves with work for the family. Also, sannyasi's life should not be considered as an escape from the world or as earning authority of sadhu, an aloof way of life should come naturally.

As said in "Introduction to Natha Yoga" by Mahanta Avedyanath:

"Control over all sensual propensities, especially sexual lust, impeccable preservation of physical and mental energies. Energy should be carefully directed upwards, and it should never move downwards in order to cause enjoyment of sense objects. A man and a woman should behave with restraint in the presence of each other."