दरिया पंथ, dariyā paṃth (hindi)

Darya- or Dariya-panth is one of the Gorakshanath’s panths, is a synthesis of Shaivism, Sufism and yoga, a branch of Nateshvari-panth. Sometimes Darya- and Nateshvari-panths are considered as different, separated lines, sometimes they do not separate at all, "darya" and "nateshvari" are used as synonyms.

Горакхнатх, Дарьянатх, Гаджакантхау

This line was founded by Dariyanath. In addition to Hindu, there are many Muslim priests, feasts in it. They worship Shiva, as well as Allah, Muhammad. It is believed that there was a Sufi who was called Mrityanath. He was buried in the ground for 41 days and when he was dug up, he was still alive. By this act, he proved that there can also be realized yogis among Sufis. After this story, many Muslims began to be accepted into Naths.