Ganesh Chaturthi vrata

Ganesh Chaturthi vrata

Vrata, dedicated to Ganapati, is celebrated in the forth (Shukla chaturthi) tithi 2 times a month.

If tithi falls on the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha) after full-moon (purnima), it's Sankashta Ganesh Chaturthi. Worship of Ganesha during Sankashta Ganesh Chaturthi saves from fear and negative impact (Kuja dosha) of the planet Mars.

If Sankashta Ganesh Chaturthi falls on Tuesday (day of Mars), it's Angarak Ganesh Chaturthi. In Angarak Ganesh Chaturthi the impact of Mars increases, that's why it is deemed more propitious to observe vrata.

If tithi falls on the light fortnight (Shukla Paksha) after full-moon (amavasya) - it's Vinayaka Ganesh Chaturthi. It's also called Siddhi Ganapati and Varasiddhi Ganapati. Worship of Ganesha in Vinayaka Ganesh Chaturthi saves from passions.

Regimen of the day for Chaturthi vrata:

  1. To wake up before sunrise, to do snana (bath), to do regular morning dina-sadhana.
  2. To make a sanskalpa for the fruit of Chaturtha vrata.
  3. To keep a fast during the whole day. Not to eat, not to drink (water may be drunk, but a little bit), not to be intoxicated, to observe pure thinking.
  4. A puja is performed and any Ganapati mantra is repeated at least during one ghatika - 24 minutes.
  5. By moonrise vrata can be completed.
  6. The fast may be continued till sunrise if desired.