Indriya (इन्द्रिय)

  • a function that connects the individual with the outside world;

  • the strength of the body, the power of the senses;

  • the feeling by which the inner "I" gets knowledge about the world around. These are not physical organs of hearing and other and not bodily organs of action, but the ability of purusha, which acts through physical organs originating in manas.

Indriyas include:

  • five jnana-indriyas - feelings of perception: hearing (shrotra), touch (tvak), vision (chakshus), taste (rasana) and sense of smell (ghrana) and

  • five karma-indriyas - the functions of the organs of activity: walking (pada), grasping (pani), speech (vak), reproduction (upastha) and secretion (payu).