ईशान, īsāna

from Sanskrit: manifested grace

Ishana is the all-pervading and eternal Shiva, the cause of creation. With this aspect Shiva gazes upwards and reveals his liberating mercy, mukti, revealing to the sadhaka the true nature of things, all that was previously hidden. This form is associated with the syllable «ya», the element of akasha and the color of pure crystal. The deity is Sadashiva.

īsāna mantra

īśāna sarvavidyānāmīśvaraḥ sarvabhūtānāṁ brahmādipati brahmaṇo'dhipatir
brahmā śivo me astu sa eva sadāśiva om

Ruler of all knowledge, Lord of all beings,
Lord of all learning and all devotion,
That God is the true goodness for me!
May this goodness be with me forever!