इष्टदेवता, iṣṭadevatā

Ishta-Devata is a worshiper's chosen Deity (in Sanskrit iṣṭa means "desirable", "auspicious", "beneficent").

Ishta-Devata is the Deity who leads sadhaka to liberation from rebirths in the material world. A Jyotish astrologer can determine Ishta-Devata by knowing the date and exact time of a worshiper's birth.

In some Traditions, it is given to the student by the Teacher, in others, the worshiper chooses to worship the form of God which is closest to his heart, which inspires him the most. In the Nath Tradition, the Ishtadevata is Gorakshanath, and the Guru is regarded by initiated adepts as the embodiment of Ishta-Devata.