(Sk. जाल - network; धर - hold; बंध - lock)

Jalandhara bandha controls the network of nadi channels and 16 adharas, affecting the area of vishuddha chakra. During the execution of the jalandhara bandha, the flow of prana is blocked in ida and pingala, which allows to direct prana downwards, where it connects with apana. Then the practitioner raises them together upwards through sushumna. Also, in conjunction with other methods of yoga, jalandhara bandha helps to stop the process of loss of amrita.

Jalandhara bandha is performed by contracting the muscles of the neck and pressing the chin to the throat, while the back of the head stretches upwards.

Jalandhara-pith is related to this bandha.

3.69. Squeeze your throat and press your chin tightly against your chest. This is Jalandhara-Bandha, the destroyer of age and death.
3.70. This Bandha, which destroys the diseases of the throat, compresses Nadi, stops the movement of the nectar flowing downwards from the opening of the throat, therefore it is called Jalandharabandha.
3.71. When Jalandhara is done, not a drop of nectar will fall into the gastric fire (and will not burn in it), and the breath will not go the wrong way between Nadi).
3.72. By tight throat constriction, the two Nadis (Ida and Pingala) become dead. In the throat is Madhya (middle) Chakra, called Vishuddha. 16 Adharas are closed by this Bandha.


3.12. Squeezing your throat, put your chin on your chest. This is Jalandhara-bandha. This Bandha will overlap 16 pillars (adharas). This bandha together with Maha-mudra destroys death.

119. Pressing the chin against the chest, one should stop the mind - this mudra is called jalandhara-bandha. This mudra conquers death like a lion conquers an elephant.

40. «Sadhaka (seeker) must sit in padmasana, with his hands folded on his laps. Chin should be tightly pressed to the throat. One should think only of Brahman (supreme), holding the breath. In this way, sadhaka will acquire great strength and knowledge.»
50. «The one  who is able to hold an element of akasha (ether) and fluids that are going down will get rid of any disappointment and discontent.»
51. «Through the practice of jalandhara bandha, nectar of amrita is being held back, which tends to flow downward from the center of the head. Nectar does not fall into the fire (does not burn) and the pranic forces of the body lose the ability to move different directions.»

«Yoga Chudamani Upanishad»

106. Jalandhara bandha is pressing the chin against the chest with a well-focused mind. This bandha is the keeper of amrita-drava, a liquid that can make a person immortal.
107. This amrita-drava springs from the thousand-petalled lotus that resides in the skull. This dripping amrita-drava is immediately burned by the fire at the navel in person’s body.
108. Thanks to the practice of this bandha, the umbilical fire can’t burn amrita-drava, for it will dry out in the lotus itself. As a result of practicing this jalandhara-bandha, the body of yogi becomes immortal; thus, it should be practiced.

«Dattatreya Yoga-shastra»