काकिणी, kākiṇīalso काकिनी, kākinī

Kakini – Tantric Goddess, Yoginī, responsible for fat (honey) and controlling anahata-chakra or svadhishthana-chakra. She belongs to the Yogini group, which embodies the forces associated, on one hand, with the physical substances of the body (dhatu), and, on the other hand, with the subtle level of the chakras. In addition to Kākiṇī, the group includes ḌākinīRākiṇīLākiṇī, Śākiṇī, Hākiṇī, and sometimes Yākiṇī. 

The fundamental text "Rudra-yāmala", which is the source for many later tantras, contains descriptions of chakras and their inherent Goddesses, with each given her own stotra, sahasranama and practice. 

The treatise on chakras "Ṣaṭcakra-nirūpaṇa" (24) says about Kakini, who is in anahata-chakra, the following:

atrāste khalu kākinī navataḍitpītā triṇetrā śubhā
sarvālaṁkaraṇānvitā hītakari saṁyagjnānāṁ mudā
hastaiḥ pāśakapālaśobhanavarān saṁbibhrati cābhyaṁ
mattā pūrṇasudhārasārdrahṛdayā kaṅkālamālādharā

Here dwells Kakini, who in color is yellow like unto new lightning, exhilarated and auspicious; three-eyed and the benefactress of all. She wears all kinds of ornaments, and in Her four hands She carries the noose and the skull, and makes the sign of blessing and the sign which dispels fear. Her heart is softened with the drinking of nectar.


One of the commentators of this text, Vishvanatha, gives a little different details. Kakini has a yellow complexion, holding a noose (pāśa), a trident (śūla), a skull (kapāla), and a drum (damaru). She likes to eat cottage cheese and drink rice wine (varuni).

The texts of Shrividya Tradition ("Varivasyā-rahasya", "Yoginī-hridaya", "Tantrarāja tantra" and others) place Kakini in svadhishthana-chakra. Together with other chakra goddesses, she constitutes the subtle body of Kundalini-shakti (Lalita Goddess) and is worshiped in shodha-nyasa. 

In "Lalitā Sahasranāma" several names of the Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari refer to Kakini:

In the svadhisthana-chakra (svādhiṣṭhānāmbujagatā-504) the Goddess takes the form of Kakini (kākinīrūpadhāriṇī-513). She is beautiful with her 4 faces (caturvaktramanoharā-505). She possesses four weapons, namely Shula, Gong, Kapala and Abhaya (wise fearless) (śūlādyāyudhasampannā-506). She is yellow in color (pītavarṇā-507), incomparable (atigarvitā-508). She controls fat (medoniṣṭhā-509) and prefers honey (madhuprītā-510). She is accompanied by Shakti, led by Bandhini, etc. (bandhinyādisamanvitā-511). She loves food cooked with curd (dadhyannāsaktahṛdayā-512).

Finally, according to "Shrīmattotara Tantra", the text of the tradition of Kubjika, Kakini has the head of a raven, she is black and has eight arms, and likes to absorb flesh and alcohol. Together with other Yoginis she is located in Yogini-chakra (in the area of the throat). Consort of Kakini is one of Ashtabhairavas – Krodha.