Nyasa of hands, it activates the centers at fingertips and on the palm.

There are different versions of kara-nyasa. For example, fingers alternate with mantras, then the back and outer sides of the palms. Some sadhakas first simply touch the thumb with the outer side of the phalanx of the index finger and utter the appropriate mantra, and then with the thumb touching all the others fingers; at the end, the back sides of the palms are joined, and the fingers of both hands clasp. In some cases, at the end, just claps are made, first with the fingers of the right hand – on the inside of the left  hand palm and vice versa. It is believed that the Devata-pithas are located on the fingers and thus sadhaka connects them. Here are the mantras spoken in kara-nyas (usually before them are added bijas or parts of the basic mantra, and also Pranava – Om):

aṅguṣṭābhyāṁ namaḥ – connecting thumbs

tarjranībhyāṁ namaḥ – connecting index fingers

madhyamābhyāṁ namaḥ – connecting middle fingers

anāmikābhyāṁ namaḥ – connecting ring fingers

kaniṣṭhikābyāṁ namaḥ – connecting little fingers

karatala karapṛṣṭhābhyāṁ namaḥ – connecting palms (from two sides)