Karma-yoga is a type of yoga that assumes the development of the freedom in action and the ability to keep ego detached from any type of activities. Thus, one can overcome the illusion of the ego as a doer and the individual attains the ability to manifest himself spontaneously, in a flow, enjoying the presence of Higher Self in everything he perceives. It allows any daily activity to be full of divine presence.

The principle of karma-yoga is fully described in Bhagavad-Gita.

It is considered that even hermits, until their actions do not become spontaneous, remain attached to the action and thus to the world of forms. That is why they cannot leave this world without letting go of all attachments to it and will continue to be born again and again.

When karma-yoga is understood in the correct way, an individual stops being attached to the fruits of his actions. Then every action becomes an offering to God or Higher Self, regardless which deity he worships or whether he leads a normal life.