खेचरी, khecarī

"movement in space"

Khechari is one of the most important practices in yoga, with the help of which yogic super abilities and liberation are obtained. Many texts of yoga and tantra describe khechari-mudra as the best of all mudras. It connects the moon and the sun, they are absorbed by the fire of the sushumna. This provides state of zero gravity and liberates consciousness. Khechari mudra stops the flow of nectar from the Soma-chakra down, where it is "eaten" by the sun. This is why yogin who achieve success in practicing khechari does not suffer from disease, does not age and does not waste bindu even in the arms of women.

There are two levels of understanding (of realization) and of practice of khechari:

  • Physical. It is the practice of setting the tongue beyond the palate and further up into the nasal cavity, right up to the eyebrow. To achieve such mobility of tongue it is recommended to gradually cut the tongue-tie or perform special exercises to stretch the tongue. This preparatory stage can take six months or more;
  • Connected with the state of consciousness, when the sadhaka continuously realizes all the changes (movements) in the space of his consciousness. This practice is used in tantra, especially in Kashmiri Shivaism, and also this is the state to which the physical practice of khechari should lead.

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