Madhyama vac (vach)

Madhyama vac (vach)

madhyama (मध्यम) vāc / vāch (वाक् / वाच्)

Madhyama vac (Sanskrit "middle speech") is a type of speech in the process of the manifestation of Shabda-Brahman next after pashyanti. The boundary between area of audible and inaudible. Madhyama-vac is the inner state of sound, mental speech, the level of thought forms and intentions. It is connected with indriyas and is situated in the chest, in anahata. Corresponds to the state of sleep with dreams (svapna) and the subtle body (sukshma-sharira).

At this stage of the manifestation of Shabda Brahman to the disclosure of an increasingly dense content of speech, there is a division into the signifying word (vachaka) and the signified object (vachya).

See also: Para-vac, Pashyanti, Vaikhari.