"sound", "tone", "vibration", "flow"

Transcendental soundless sound, the first vibration from which the entire Universe and other derivatives of nada arise. Also means the sounds heard by yogi during meditation and practice of bhramari pranayama.

Nada is a manifestation of Consciousness, a vibration that arises within Him. Like the mantra, it expresses, creates and manifests material realities. This vibration, the primary explosion from which the entire Universe originated, can be perceived by our consciousness if we abstract from gross forms of perception, from physical blocks and stresses. This anahata is an unstressed sound, spontaneous, lively, not caused by anything.

With a long perception of nada, a state of deep pratyahara achieved. As stated in “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”: just like a bee drinking honey is indifferent to the smell of a flower, so the mind absorbed in nada does not aspire to sensual objects.