पवित्रा, pavitrā or पवित्री, pavitrī

"sinless", "holy", "sacred", "pure"

In Natha-sampradaya, one of the five elements of the basic yoga attribute nadi-janeu  – the ring. The symbolism of the ring is connected with the Goddess Shakti, the fullness, the sun, the source of prana and the earth element. According to Nath's metaphysics, the lower tattvas can include the higher ones, therefore, the earth includes all other elements. Pavitri has a yellow color, it is made out of antler or rhinoceros horne, bone, brass or other metal. The yellow color symbolizes the earth. Also, the pavitra can sometimes be called kundal earrings, inserted into the center of the auricle during Chira-diksha.

In tantrism, there is a purifying ritual of pavitri-karana – purification with water with a special mantra.