Purascharana, Purashcharana - (पुरश्चरण), Siddhikarana

The process of realization of the power of mantra.

According to Mantra-yoga samhita and other authoritative texts on the practice of mantras, for the attainment of "mantra-siddhis" (mantra power), mantra needs to be read certain number of times.

It is believed that each syllable of mantra should be read by one "lakh", which is one hundred thousand repetitions. After, tantra recommends to make havan after each tenth part of reading mantra meaning each ten thousand times to make a havan to revere this form of the Deity in Agni. Then perform tarpana 1000 times, 100 times marjana and 10 brahmana-bhojanas (feeding the brahmanas).

The tantric sadhana, designed for the realization of mantra-siddhis, can be very complex and, in fact, find a Guru who will perfectly know all the subtleties, is not a simple matter.