राकिणी, rākiṇī, also राकिनी, rākinī

Rakini – Tantric Goddess, Yoginī responsible for the blood (rakta) which controls svadhishthana- or anahata-chakras. She belongs to the group of Yoginis, who personify the forces associated with the physical substances of the body (dhatu), and with the subtle aspect of the chakras. Yogini group also includes LākiṇīKākiṇīŚākiṇīHākiṇī, and sometimes Yākiṇī.

The fundamental text "Rudra-yamala", which is the source for many later tantras, contains a description of the chakras and their manifestations of the Goddesses, where for each Goddess there is a stotra, sahasranama and practice.

The treatise on the chakras "Ṣaṭcakranirūpaṇa" (17) says about Rakini who resides in svasthishthana:

atraiva bhāti satataṁ khalu rākiṇī sā

It is here Shakti Rakini shines, radiating in all directions the charm of the beauty of the inner part of the blue lotus. She holds a weapon in her raised hands, she is dressed in heavenly patterned robes, and Her mind is elevated by drinking nectar.


The commentator of this text, Kalicharana, gives another dhyana of Rakini, which says that she is “dark blue or black (shyama), holding a spear or trident, a lotus, a drum and a sharp ax; powerful, with three red eyes, awesome teeth, great and radiant, divine, sits on a double lotus.”

The texts of the Shrividya tradition ("Varivasyā-rahasya", "Yoginī-hridaya", "Tantrarāja tantra" and others) usually locate Rakini in the anahata-chakra. Together with other goddesses of the chakras, she makes up the subtle body of Kundalini-shakti (Goddess Lalita) and is revered in Shodha Nyasa. In "Lalita Sahasranama", several names of Goddess Lalita Tripurasundari refer to Rakini:

She resides in the anahata chakra (anāhatābjanilayā-485) in the form of mother Rakini (rākiṇyambāsvarūpiṇī-494). She is black color (śyāmābhā-486) ​​with sparkling fangs (daṃṣṭrojjvalā-488), in her four hands [she holds] akshamala, shula, kapala and damara (akṣamālādidharā-489). She controls the blood (rudhirasaṃsthitā-490).  She is accompanied by a group of shakti led by Kalaratri (kālarātryādiśaktyaughavṛtā-491). She prefers food mixed with ghee (snigdhaudanapriyā-492). She bestows mercy on great warriors (those who are strong in spirit) (mahāvīrendravaradā-493).

Finally, according to "Shrimattotara Tantra", a text of the Kubjik tradition, Rakini has the head of an owl, eight arms, and is responsible for blood. Together with other Yoginis, she is located in the Yogini Chakra (in the throat area). The consort of Rakini is one of the Ashtabhairavas – Ruru.