Other names: “Rudra Sukta”, “Shri Rudraprashna”, “Rudra Upanishad”, “Shatarudriya” (“Hymn to a Hundred Rudras”), “Rudradhyaya”, “Rudram”, “Shri Rudram”.

One of the most important hymns of the Yajurveda, glorifying the greatness of God Rudra (Shiva).

In this hymn, one of the mahamantras of Shaivism, the panchakshara mantraNamah Shivaya”, is encountered for the first time.

It is said that if you open the Vedas as a single book in the middle, then its will open exactly on the Yajurveda, if you open the Yajurveda in the middle, then the Shatarudriya will open, and in the middle of the Shatarudriya there is a panchakshara mantra.

The text of "Sri Rudram" (commented translation).