The mantra, composed in the language of abstract images (sandha-bhasha), in which the nathas and siddha-yogis communicated.

It is believed that Shiva's will is manifested through shabar-mantras, therefore they do not require purashcharana and act almost immediately. Shabar-mantras can be composed in any language, or in a mixture of languages, the core of those mantras is state and meaning of images, rather than the pronunciation and properties of the language.

According to the legend, shabar-mantras were invented by Mahasiddha Matsyendranath during a long tapasya. Then he introduced them to the court of Shiva and Parvati, who in turn told about them to all the other Deities and Asuras, bhutas, pretas and other spirits. Shiva blessed shabar-mantras and the very principle of their creation, put his Power in them, and following him the other Deities gave their Shakti to these mantras.