सिद्ध, siddha

"accomplished", "perfect"

The one who achieved spiritual perfection, possessor of mystical abilities (siddhis). A realized mystic in the state of inner calmness, purity of mind, eternity that pierce all the impermanence of the world; siddha`s state is above the all but can penetrate into everything. Siddha is the one who perfects the world with own impeccability and the one who strengthens own spiritual perfection living in such a world.

Siddhas can formally belong to any society and on their own inner mystical level are over any confession. This says yoga for siddhas is over any religion although they are recognized in many religious societies.

Nathas use practices (such as in "Gheranda Samhita") where it is recommended to focus on the Deity in one’s body or on the image of perfect yogi which are usually identical in Nath tradition. This means Naths projecting the Supreme Self on their own body therefor achieving state of siddha realized in the body. The same applies for achieving moksha. There are many religions and confessions that state the perfect state can be achieved only after the death. Naths has the different belief in this term.