सिद्धि, siddhi
  • Name of the one of spouses of Ganesha 
  • Perfection achievement, strength 
  • Supernatural abilities obtained through yogi sadhanas, tapas or naturally as a result of achievement of spiritual maturity. There are 8 classic siddhis (ashta-siddhis):

  1. Anima (ability to become the size of an atom) 
  2. Mahima (ability to become an infinitely large size) 
  3. Laghima (becoming almost weightless, levitation) 
  4. Prapti (ability to expend, to be everyone at the same time) 
  5. Prakamya (realization of desires)
  6. Vishitva (ability to command nature forces) 
  7. Ishitva (possession absolute power over nature) 
  8. Kama-avasayitva (complete satisfaction)

The realization of Supreme Self, Para-Shiva – is the most advanced of all siddhis. This is the siddhi that Natha yogis aim to achieve.

Constant and temporary Siddhis

There are calpita-siddhi and acalpita-siddhi

Realization of siddhis

Mantra chanting to the Diety is a usual practice for the realization of siddhis. This is due to the fact that siddhis are manifested by the grace of the Devine; in Nath traditionGorakshanath (Gorakhnath). The yoga techniques lead to siddhis and the lord of yogi siddhis is the founder of yogi Tradition. Gorakshanath – founder of this Tradition and this is why everything is happening to his mercy. A person will not receive siddhis until there is a mercy of Guru and Deity whom practices are devoted. And the mercy depends on the level of bhakti to Diety. With one mantra any siddhi can be achieved but one becomes siddha only with shuddha-bhakti (pure, unselfish bhakti) to which Nath yogi is oriented.

Attitude to siddhis

In most cases, it is extremely dangerous to desire to possess siddhis without understanding of their nature. Ego, pride and similar conditions can be developed as a result of abhychar (magician) siddhis. This leads to such a spiritual fall that all the benefits one obtains through siddhis will cost too much. But if one understands the essential nature of siddhis then they are both not dangerous and necessary.

Siddhis can be compared to some form of the force of resistance. For example, power-ups will strengthen the muscles but if a heavy load is being put on the back, not only muscles won`t strengthen but most likely one will be injured. Some siddhis reveal other siddhis that is why it is important to develop some perfections in the very beginning. All the other siddhis can be revealed during the sadhana directed to the highest goal – Paramatma. Yogi shouldn`t show off siddhis. All the developed abilities should be directed to the future spiritual growth, achievement of moksha and God-realization.