स्वाधिष्ठान, svādhiṣṭhāna

"own home",  sva – "self, own", adhiṣṭhāna – "home"

Svadhishthana is the chakra located at the bottom of the abdomen is also called jala-mandala ("jala" – water, as it is associated with the element of water), associated with medhradhara ("medhra" – penis, as it is at the level of genital) and uddiyana-adhara.

Svadishthana contains six-petalled lotus, of color of a pink coral (or ruby). There are Yogi Satyanath Brahmaji and Savitri-shakti located. There is a legend that Brahma was born from a golden fetus (Hiranyagarbha), manifested from the waters of the causual ocean (great ocean of universe), this is why Nathas associate Brahma (Satyanath) with an element of water.


The Sanskrit letters baṁ, bhaṁ, maṁ, yaṁ, raṁ and laṁ are inscribed in the lotus. In the middle – a white crescent moon, associated with Varuna and the element of water. Varuna is portrayed riding on the white crocodile Makar. Vaṁ is bija of this chakra. The petals are associated with such manifestations of Maya as kama (passion), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (charm), mada (pride) and matsarya (envy). Chakra is responsible for the emotional way of interacting with the world, sensual pleasures.

"Viveka-martanda" describes a way of meditating on ​​svadhishthana-chakra:

Yogin, meditating on Atman in the blessed svadhishthana-chakra of the color of ruby, fixing the sight on the tip of the nose, is likened to Brahman. (169)

"Gheranda-samhita" provides ways of dharana on the element of water (jala-dharana):

The element of water, white as a jasmine or as a shell, in the form of the moon, is connected with nectar and Vishnu, here bija is vaṁ. Meditate on the element of water (in svadhishthana) and direct there prana and citta for 2 hours. This meditation on the element of water destroys all sufferings. (3.72.)

"Siddha-siddhanta paddhati" says that in svadhishthana-chakra:

One should meditate on lingam, facing west, like a branch of a coral.

There is also Uddiyana-pitha, attracting [the whole] world.

According to Kubjika, tantric tradition, svadhishthana-chakra is connected with the western direction and one of the faces of Shiva, Sadyojata. Therefore, lingam, wrapped by Kundalini, is facing west (up). Uddiyana-pitha, located in this chakra, gave the name to the yogic technique uddiyana-bandha, performed with the lower abdomen.