तालुचक्र, tālucakra

Talu-chakra (palate chakra) – located in the soft palate (tAlu-mula). It is also called Lalana-chakra.

There it is necessary to meditate on the emptiness in which the mind (chitta) dissolves... This is the place where the connects inhaled and exhaled air. When yogi reaches the state of kevala-kumbhaka, prana narrows and stops in the space area of talu. Together with prana deviation, the hesitation of the mind also ceases.

Source: Comments on Siddha-Siddhanta-Paddhati

It is believed that the talu-chakra is connected with laya-yoga and khechari practice.

Talu-chakra is connected with Bindu and Vishuddha-chakra. After the nectar leaves Bindu and before reaching Vishuddha, it remains in the Talu-chakra.