Vaikhari vac

Vaikhari vac

वैखरी-वाच् vaikharī-vāc

Vaikhari vac (vach) is the usual "sound" speech, the roughest form of manifestation of the original sound – Shabda-Brahman. It is a sound obtained by the hit of material objects; the one that is pronounced aloud and gives names (nama) to forms (rupa) that are in the realm of ordinary human perception. Through Vaikhari, a person can communicate thoughts to other people and let them know and share their thoughts, feelings and desires.

It is situated in the throat, in vishuddha-chakra, manifested in the vocal cords. It corresponds to the state of wakefulness (jagrat) and the physical body (sthula-sharira). See also: Para-vac, Pashyanti, Madhyama.