Yajnopavita यज्ञोपवीत, yajñopavīta

"sacred thread", also called janeu (janeo).

The thread that connects the disciple's spiritual level with the Guru, with the Deity(s) of the Tradition.

Yajnopavita or janeu is a sacred element that is never removed (but it depends on the Tradition) from the body until it’s torn, and when torn, it must be devoted to Ganga. In Brahmanism, yajnopavita is transmitted as part of the Upanayana samskara. Yajnopavitas have different colors and sizes (lengths), it depends on which varna person belongs to: brahmins wear a white cord, kshatriyas — red, vaishyas — yellow.

Yajnopavita consists of nine threads which are related to the nine orifices of the body, their associated nadis and respective Deities. The Brahmanic janeu becomes a part of the student's psychophysical system, his subtle body. The threads in the janeu are tied into five knots called Brahma-granthi, they are associated with the five main Devatas, the metaphysical elements, and these knots are used during the recetation of Gayatri mantra — the personification of all Vedic mantras and tantric ones too.