Seminar in India

Seminar in India

Seminar in India

Yogi Allamanath Maharaj and Yogi Lakshminath Maharaj will conduct the seminar in Maharashtra State, India from 18 to 25 of January 2014


The program of seminar includes the practice of traditional yoga in peaceful and picturesque place with teachers of the Nath Tradition, visits of significant for nath yogis saint sites and temples at the area of Nasik, Tryambakeshvar and Mumbai.

Video of the previous seminar

The participation fee for the seminar is 600 USD. For the confirmation of participation it is required 50% of the total fee amount prepaid until 17.11.13. The fee covers accommodation, meal, transport in India, dakshina (donation) to Teachers. The flight to India and visa are not included, but we are ready to give a support in case it is necessary

The schedule of the seminar:

  • 18/01 - Arrival to Mumbai early in the morning, meeting of all participants at the airport and transfer to the place of seminar. Accommodation, having a rest, the evening satsang.
  • 19/01 - 23/01 - The practice of yoga in retreat style in conditions similar to original ones.
  • 24/01 - Visit of saint places in Nasik and Tryambakeshvar .
  • 25/01 - Visit of some mandirs in Mumbai.
  • 26/01 - Departure early in the morning.

Application form for the seminar

The number of places is limited!

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