Shri Jvalendra nathji

Shri Jvalendra nathji

Shri Jvalendra nathji

Jalandharnath (Jvalendranath) is one of the revered chaurasi-siddha. The founder of Pav-panth.

The name Jalandhara, according to one version, appeared because this siddha practiced in Jalandhara-pith.

There are many legends about Jalandharnath that say he was a tremendous tantric, king of Hastinapur. While worshiping Shakti, he had lust, and therefore from the king, he became a scavenger Haddi. He served his disciple Gopichand (prince of Bengal), after which he again became a great adept. Jalandhara, among other things, is known as one of the Vajrayana siddhas.

According to the legend, Jalandhara was born from flames of yagya’s fire. Once a king named Brihadvar performed Somayajna in Hastinapur. Antariksha (heaven) Narayana entered the fire of yajna, and after its completion, a child was discovered in the place of the yajna. This child was Jalandharnath.  Nathas recognize  Antariksha Narayan as one of the Nine Nathas (in the Vaishnava Nath's panthas, Nava-naths  relate to the Nine Narayanas, manifestations of Vishnu).

Jvalendranath names known to appear in connection to the fire of dhuna - this fire is Brahman in the form of the Shakti of the Jvala, which gives fruits of homas in the form of siddhs. One of these "fruits" was the appearance of Jvalendranath.

Guru: Omkar Adinathji 
Panth: Pav (founder)
Location: Kalashachala (Djalor)
Sadhana: Kapalika and Vajrayana siddhi
Tapasya: kukuttasana and djalandhara-bandha perfection
Deeds: Natha-sampradaya propagation across India, by means of the manifestation of yogic siddhis, tantra and mantra-yoga

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