4-years Summer Program

4-years Summer Program

4-years Summer Program

Nathas Yoga and Traditional Civilization of India


Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

Originally from Bryansk, Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj left Russia being a teenager to travel to India to learn about the culture and meet sadhus. He learned Hindi and Sanskrit and was initiated in Srividya tradition. 

He met his Natha Guru, Guru Mithleshnath Maharaj, in the city of Gorakhpur, who passed him choti-diksha and later he received chira-diksha from other Guru to become Darshani in the Dharmanath panth. He became sanyasi in Nath panth and was empowered to pass the knowledge.

Tara Michael

Bachelor of Arts, Sanskritist, graduate in Hindi, graduate in Ancient and Modern Indian Civilization, Tara Michael lived in india from 1968 to 1980 in Pune (Maharashtra) and later in Madras. She devoted herself to exploring Yoga path where she met her teachers: Mataji Indira Devi from Pune ashram, great metaphysician Dr. P.K. Sundaram, patron of arts Sri Y.G. Doraisami. She often spends winter in India. 

Tara Michael is Doctor in Indian Studies of the University of Sorbonne, Paris, and Indianist at C.N.R.S. From 2007, author of many books, she brings her competence and experience of the Indian universe. 

Studies are conducted at 

Center of Natha Sampradaya

4 Flamants street

Barriol, 1320 ARLES

Tel. 04 90 93 90 52


Two seminars per year during the period of 3 years starting from the first years of short introduction and finishing with with the fourth years when participants defend the thesis and conduct a trip to India. 

First year program (2018): 

  • 1st seminar (3 days), May 4-6

  • 2nd seminar (6 days), May 8-13

  • 3rd seminar (6 days), July 23-28 

Second year program (2019):

  • 4th seminar (6 days), May 8-13 

  • 5th seminar (6 days), July 23-28 

Third year program (2020):

  • 6th seminar (6 days), May 8-13 

  • 7th seminar (6 days), July 23-28 

Possible changes in schedules when the holidays dates are known 

Fourth year program (2021):

  • Thesis on a chosen topic to be sent in the period from early February till March 31 (deadline is March 31)

  • Thesis presentation May 23-24 (holiday of Pentecost)

  • 8th seminar (3 days), July 18-20 

  • 9th seminar (6 days), July 23-28 

Trip to India will be organized for the Christmas and New Year holidays, end of December 2021 - beginning of January 2022.

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