21-day Pranayama challenge

21-day Pranayama challenge

21-day Pranayama challenge

Welcome to 21-day online Pranayama challenge with Yogi Svarganath.


This program is an opportunity to practice your choice of Pranayama techniques being online with Yogi Svarganath who is practicing also and giving energy support to participants. The challenge involves daily 1-hour practice for 21 days, that will help you to make some progress in Pranayama, and to make it more habitual to you. 

Participants are expected to be familiar with pranayama techniques and no explanation will be given.
The pranayama that Yogi Svarganath will perform is alternating breathing: Nadi-shodhana pranayama or Anuloma-viloma pranayama. You can do the same, or choose a different technique.

Timing of challenge:

  • Mar 10 - 30, everyday practice.
  • 9 am Pacific Time US (UTC-8) daily  [6 pm Europe, 8 pm MSK]
  • The duration of each session is about 1 hour.
  • Language: silent session.

This challenge is free, but donations are appreciated.

Classes are held on Zoom platform. There will be no recordings because the point is to practice pranayama together and at the same time, organizing your day so as not to miss a single session.

Yogi Svarganath practices yoga more than 15 years, and follows his Guru in Nath Tradition, Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj, about 12 years. He teaches Hatha-yoga many years as well and helps people to go deep in the practice with body in a correct way.

>> Please fill out the application and we will send you the Zoom-link for Pranayama sessions.

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