Pranayama workshop, Mar 1-7

Pranayama workshop, Mar 1-7

Pranayama workshop, Mar 1-7

This is 7-day online-course on Pranayama with Yogi Lakshminath Maharaj. 

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The course is an introduction to Pranayama. 

Pranayama is not only the breathing practice, but the practice of managing vital energy, Prana, and the method of its refinement and increasing. This is the main part of Hatha-yoga sadhana in Nath Tradition. In this workshop you learn what Prana and Pranayama are, how to practice the main techniques of Pranayama and achieve success in it.

Timing and structure of workshop:

  • Mar 1 - satsang on Prana and Pranayama
  • Mar 2-7 - practice.
  • 10 am PST (UTC-8) daily  [7 pm Europe, 9 pm MSK]
  • The duration of each class is about 1 hour (may be more), language: English.

Suggested donation for the course – $70-$100, but you can donate any amount.

It is better for the participants to be familiar with the basics of yoga, i.e. have at least a few months of yoga practice experience.

Classes are held on Zoom platform. It is possible to participate offline (session on record) if the time of online classes is not suitable. If it is your situation, please, indicate it in note.

Please fill out the application and we will send all the additional information -

P.S. Next week after workshop you may join to 21-day Pranayama challenge with Yogi Svarganath to establish yourself in Pranayama-practice. Starts on March 10th. This is free event where you will practice your choice of Pranayama techniques being online with Yogi Svarganath who is practicing also and giving energy support to participants. The challenge involves daily 1-hour practice for 21 days, that will help you to make some progress in Pranayama, and to make it more habitual to you.

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