Patriarchs of tradition

prmpr01avaidyanath.png Shri Yogi Avedyanath Maharaj

Patriarch Shri Yogi Avedyanath ji (Dharmanath-panth) is Mahant of Gorakhpur Mandir, the main residence Dharmanath-Panth; President (sabhapati) of all-India Association of the Twelve Yogic Panth (AKHIL BHARATVARSHIYA AVADHUT BHESH BARAH PANTH YOGI MAHASABHA); in the past he is a major politician, Member of Parliament of India , is known for his special role in solving a number of issues of Hindu-Muslim conflict. 

Shri Avedyanath is the author of many works about the Nath tradition, with its blessing one of the books - "Introduction to the Natha Yoga. Shiva-tattva" - published in Russian (translated by Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj and Yogi Viratinath).

prmpr02adityanath.pngShri Maharaj Yogi Adityanath

Patriarch Shri Yogi Adityanath ji (Dharmanath-panth) is the successor (uttaradhikari) of Patriarch Shri Avedyanath, a member of the Indian Parliament, a member of a political party "Bharatiya Janata Party". 

Yogi Adityanath is widely known throughout India for his pravachana of teaching of Nath, and political speeches. Thanks to his active efforts to develop Natha Sampradaya, printed the literature about tradition, assisted to many Nath temples. In addition, under the guidance of Yogi Adityanath is a program of development of assistance to poor children in the provision of housing and medical care.

prmpr03chandanath.pngShri Yogi Chandanath Maharaj

Patriarch Shri Yogi Chandanath ji (Ayi-panth) is Mahant of large temple complex in Rohtak, the main office of Aai-Panth. This is the residence of Asthal Bohar Math, founded by Siddha Yogi Chauranginath and reduced by Baba Mastanath, who made tapasya at this place. 

It is known that in the begining of 20th century yogis of Asthal Bohar Math gave a great attention to philanthropy, education, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, opening schools and public hospitals. Mahant Yogi Chandanath continues this tradition, thanks to him now in Rohtak opened several schools of Shri Baba Mastanath, a number of institutes and colleges: College of Ayurveda, Institute of Pharmacy, College of Engineering and others.

prmpr04anandnath.pngShri Yogi Anandanath Maharaj

Patriarch Shri Yogi Anandanath ji (Aai-panth) is known tapaswi and yogi, most of his life dedicated to service of Sampradaya, a few tens of years held the position of Mahamantri (Chief Secretary) in the all-India Association of the Twelve Yogic Panthas (AKHIL BHARATVARSHIYA AVADHUT BHESH BARAH PANTH YOGI MAHASABHA) , under guidance of which were conducted of Kumbh Mela and all other important events in tradition. 

The most of his time Yogi Anandanath ji spent in Haridwar, the main office of the Association of 12 panthas, but he was also a Mahant of the big temple in the vicinity of Nasik (Maharashtra), which contains sculptures of all 84 Siddhas, 9 Nath and other important deities in the tradition of Nath. There is also a place of his tapasya and samadhi (August 2010).