Interfaith teaching and meditation

Interfaith teaching and meditation

Interfaith teaching and meditation

Teaching on a theme is usually given from a single tradition. This is valid and valuable. However, when teaching is given from two different perspectives, there is a sense of excitement and deeper awareness. Participants plunge more deeply into the fountains of life.
Interfaith teaching and meditation with Fr John Dupuche and Yogi Matsyendranath will be on the Tuesdays of October 7,14,21,28, and November, 4, 11, 18 of 2014. 
Time: from 7.30 pm till 8.30 pm. 

Rev. Dr. John R. Dupuche, Catholic Priest 

Senior Lecturer at MCD University of Divinity, Honorary Fellow at Australian Catholic University; chair of Catholic Interfaith Committee; theologian; field of Hindu expertise: Kashmir Shaivism. He has published many articles and books, one of which is 'Towards a Christian Tantra'. He goes to India each year. 

Yogi Matsyendranath, Pujari (Hindu Temple Priest) in the Natha Tradition 

Official Master and representative, popularising the Nath Sampradaya Tradition, trained in India and blessed by his teachers to transmit initiations and practices. Being an authorized Acharya, preaching and conducting the rites associated with the Nath Tradition, he teaches the traditional approach in Yoga and Tantra. He spreads teachings all over the world and has followers in different countries.

Suggested donation for salary owners: paper; for concession card holder (pensioners, students etc.): gold coin 

3227 Warburton Highway 
Warburton Vic, 3799, Australia
These teachings will be also made available on and YouTube

Mela Interfaith Association, ABN: 35 166 549 720, Tel: 03 5966 5454

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