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Gorakshanath is a certain tattva (essence), it represents the state of yogic perfection, and it’s in us. The aim of the worship of Gorakshanath is to feel his perfect condition in yourself. Gorakshanath means "the one who controls the senses". For this reason, we consider him as a protector of yogic way and followers of any dharma, also Gorakshanath is the patron of the Dharma.

Gorakshanath is the symbol of Shunya (emptiness) therefore few people can feel him. Gorakshanath is the form of alone, independent ascetic. The benefit of this form of Gorakshanath is that he includes everything. He shows us the path to the original source. Gorakshanath is patron (corrector) of our way. In Natha Sampradaya all major Guru, who choose the fastest way and the certain rules connected with it, are focused on Gorakshanatha. All Nathas need some general spiritual reference points. It is necessary to keep them in mind and follow them in accordance with the opportunities that you have now.

Gorakshanath is Shiva, but he is not simple. In the other forms of Shiva it’s easier for you to feel the fullness, in the way that it's easier to accept. Shiva is the family man, there are many angry forms of Shiva, Shiva surrounded by vetals, rakshasas, etc. Shiva, who gives the blessing that we need in this world. Gorakshanath has no worldly attachments. That’s why Gorakshanth is a form of Master, that corresponds the main spiritual reference points of Natha Sampradaya.

Gorakshanath is Sadashiva, he taught the techniques that are in the higher Amnayas, he taught yoga, mantras such as "Soham," "Om" practices associated with Nada and Bindu. High levels are never easy, they just seem simple. All ingenious is simple, but just ingenious. Of course, Gorakshanath looks simple in comparison to the other forms of Shiva, which have many heads, hands, etc. But he is connected with the reality that covers all, so he has all these faces. Yogis go directly, they do not go to a lot of amnayas, but for this we must be really ready for such a path. You need knowledge. Without maps, you can get lost, if you get lost, many different things can happen to you. It is possible to see the mass of evidence of my words, for example, those who practice yoga, esotericism and went crazy with this. Instead of liberation, they become even more sansaric beings. That’s why we need a real Guru and true devotion to him, to follow him, according to the study and practice the way he teaches.

Tags:  gorakshanath yoga
Author: Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj

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