Jiva — Jyoti

living being bound by the limitations of the material world  → Подробнее...

The one who has reached the highest degree of God realization, existing in bliss and freedom, the one who during his lifetime has achieved complete liberation from the bonds of karma and the sequence of rebirths (samsara).

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"lifetime liberation"

Spiritual liberation achieved during life while in a physical body. 

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Individual consciousness or individual soul. Atman identified with a living being (jīva). A soul dependent on the body and its limitations is Jivatman, an independent soul is Atman.  → Подробнее...

"true, transcendental knowledge".

Wisdom as a consequence of Kundalini awakening, realization of Parashiva, Absolute Realness.

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Jnana-mudra is often used in meditation practices (usually in sukhasana, padmasana). It is carried out with both hands, hands lie on the knees, palms facing down, thumb and index fingers are connected.

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“the power of knowledge”, the ability to be aware of all objects relative to oneself, as well as each other

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jñāna means "knowledge" and indriya — "sense, organ of sense, ability to sense". That is, it is a sense through which the inner self receives knowledge about the world around it.  → Подробнее...

"knower”, “sage"

One who has devoted himself to the knowledge of truth, to the knowledge of himself and the Absolute Truth (atma-jnana and brahma-jnana)

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"light", "radiance", "flame", "brilliance", "brightness"; "luminary", "celestial body"

This is the light that fills the universe; the light of our consciousness. Also, jyoti is a burning light in lamps (dipas) in Indian temples.

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