A-KA-THA — Adept


A-KA-THA is the triangle in the Guru Chakra, in which the entire creation is enclosed, symbolically it represents the Shabda-Brahman with its energies. It is also called Kama-kala.

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"reflection", "likeness"

The way in which Shiva creates the world and its inhabitants from Himself.  The doctrine of emanation is a central concept of the monistic schools (especially Kashmir Shaivism).

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«Fearlessness». One of the main virtues. Also, the name of the corresponding hasta-mudra (hand position) is the «gesture of fearlessness», abhaya-mudra, in which the fingers of the right hand are raised upward, and the palm facing forward.

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An intention to remove external destructive influences.Here, as a rule, 6 magical actions of the shat-karma are included: Shantikarana, Vashikarana, Stambhana, Vidvesana, Uchchatana, Marana.

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Abhijit Muhurta

The eighth muhurta of the light half of the day, divided in half by the true (astronomical) noon. It is believed that Abhijit-muhurta is able to neutralize, at least partially, unfavorable astrological factors – doshas – one can say that it has a cleansing, pure nature.

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Abhinavagupta (end of 10th - the beginning of the 11th century) is an Indian religious philosopher, poet, mystic and author of works on aesthetics.

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Will to possess or strong desire to retain something; manifestation of attachment to life and the fear of death.

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Abhisheka («ablution», «purification») is a Sanskrit term, which in Hinduism and other Indian religions call the ritual ablution and ablation of the murti.

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Steady, continuous effort to achieve the goals of yoga and realization of Brahman.

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from the lat. adeptus – the one who reached

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