Chachari-mudra — Chandas


Yogic mudra, associated with the organ of perception – eyes, eyesight. The practice of this mudra involves concentration on external objects in space in front of oneself, and then – transition to shambhava-mudra.

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supreme consciousness

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psychoenergetic center of the body  → Подробнее...

the practice of raising of Kundalini in sushumna and carrying it through the chakras to the Sahasrara area

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world ruler, the king-world-bearer  → Подробнее...

the “eye” as the organ of vision, the sense of sight; refers to the five cognition organs – jnanendriyas

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“a verse from forty lines”

Chalisa (translated from Hindi "chālīs" means "forty") – a poem of praise or prayer text, comprising 40 parts addressed to a Deity. Chalisas are used for ritual purposes, daily religious rites, as well as a protective mantra – kavacha. The numerical value of the forty parts of the poem is symbolically associated with the Vedas, correlating with the ten mandalas of the Rig Veda and with the four Vedas Samhitas.

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"a miracle”, “an unusual phenomenon"

A feeling of wonder, subtle delight and wonder experienced spontaneously. It is like a sudden enjoyment of experiencing the beautiful.

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Chamvar Chamvar
The fan made of Tibetan yak’s tail. It is used in pujas and aratis as a sign of respect. In the old days, when royal dynasties were governing, servants used the chamvar for making cool and to brush away insects around royal persons.  → Подробнее...
  1. one of the Vedangas (sections of explanatory ritual and scientific literature adjacent to the Vedas|veda), ancient Indian treatises on metrics, explaining and interpreting Vedic poetic meter;
  2. the sacred hymn in the Vedas;
  3. the metric size of a verse in Sanskrit versification, its rhythmic structure. The mantra, historically taken from a verse of the text, retains the chandas rhythm inherent in this verse, although the mantra may have fewer syllables. Chhandas is one of the characteristics of the mantra and is indicated in viniyoga.
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