Raga — Rakini


Color, coloring (including worldly passions), desire, attraction, passion, attachment.

In yoga, it is one of the five kleshas, ​​obstacles to spiritual liberation. Attraction (passion) is inextricably linked with pleasure. Only having experienced pleasure from this or that object or action, the jiva, or rather its mind, forms such a klesha as raga. Thus, raga is a klesha that leads to the accumulation of the karma of desire for sense gratification.

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literary passion (raga) and hatred (dvesha).

A state of mind and feelings unfavorable for spiritual development; neutralized by the practice of regular sadhana and the development of virtues in oneself.

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the secret essence of knowledge

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one of the Navagraha: naturally malicious and tamasic by nature

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"Time of Rahu"; 1/8 of the light half of the day, unfavorable for business and innovations.

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"king", "ruler", "the title of the Indian monarch"

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Raja-yoga samadhi

Raja-yoga samadhi is a form of samadhi achieved through the practice with consciousness (raja yoga). There are two categories - samprajnata samadhi and asamprajnata samadhi, which are divided into stages:

  • Savitarka 
  • Nirvitarka 
  • Savichara 
  • Nirvichara 
  • Savanda 
  • Samshita
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"passion", "emotion", "attachment" — 

Rajas (also rajoguna, raja-guna) is the dynamic, activating principle of Prakriti. Rajoguna is the movement from Spirit (Sat) to matter and from matter to Spirit. The quality of rajoguna is that activity, being immersed in the sphere of feelings, manifests itself as passion. Rajas is related to Tejas.

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Rakini is the tantric goddess, Yogini responsible for the blood (rakta) which controls svadhishthana or anahata chakras. She belongs to the group of Yoginis, who personify the forces associated with the physical substances of the body (dhatu), and with the subtle aspect of the chakras.

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